Data Quality Monitoring (Phase 2 P-01)

OPADD: Operating Procedures for AIS Dynamic Data

The OPADD document contains ECAC States approved guidelines for the handling of EATMP AIS Dynamic Data currently known as Notices to Airmen (NOTAM). These guidelines complement the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) defined in Annex 15 to the International Convention on Civil Aviation and in the Aeronautical Information Services Manual (Doc8126). Application of these procedures by the ECAC States enhances the harmonisation of AIS working practices and allows for increased automation; thus supporting operational improvements to the European ATM System.

NOTAM Item D) coding and decoding

Try this webpage to paste an Item D) from a NOTAM into the ICAO field of the Form, then click on decode to get a calendar or a full text representation of the coded string.  This small application constructs from data entry fields a complex period of activity when the NOTAM is active, test your data entry in the calendar and full text representation and get the ICAO coded form of a string conformant to the NOTAM format for Item D). If you like the application, the source code together with a developer’s documentation is provided to help you include this development in your own system.

Publishing NOF identification

The EAD maintains a list of publishing NOF with the information about when a NOF is publishing on behalf of another. This list can be reached under Data & Maintenance / Status of Content / INO submenu of the ead website.