Customer services

We provide multinational air navigation services in the upper airspace (from FL 245 to FL 660, or in other words, from 24,500 feet to 66,000 feet) of:

  • Belgium (Brussels UIR)
  • Luxembourg (Brussels UIR)
  • the Netherlands (Amsterdam FIR) and
  • the north-west of Germany (Hannover UIR)

ATC Charts

Pilots and airline operators can find essential contacts and services here.

For tactical support (day of the flight):

For questions relating to tactical issues, contact the Tactical Capacity Manager.

Phone: +31 43 366 1428

For pre-tactical planning (min. 24 hours before the flight):

For questions relating to possible re-routings, pre-tactical regulations, sector configuration or slot issues, contact the Pre-tactical Cell.

Phone: +31 43 366 1473

For test/check flights (approval procedure):

Operators wishing to perform a test/check flight within MUAC airspace are requested to submit details at least 24 hours in advance by filling in the web form below or sending an email to for acceptance.

Test/check flight approval form

Other contacts: Executive Duty Supervisor

Phone: +31 43 366 2022

Fax: +31 43 366 1320.

For general enquiries:

Contact the Customer Relations Department.

Phone: +31 43 366 1473

For incident notification and investigation:

Contact the Incident Investigations Department.

Join the CPDLC Programme

We operate controller-pilot datalink (CPDLC) services as a means of communication additional to traditional voice communications, and are keen on welcoming new partners. Our objective is to promote the use of CPDLC in Europe in order to achieve safety and capacity gains. For more information on the CPDLC programme at MUAC, contact:

Volker Stuhlsatz

CNS Specialist at Operations DEV&SUP

Telephone: +31 43 366 1510

More information on controller-pilot datalink communications at MUAC.

For questions relating to lower airspace:

For questions relating to the lower airspace (below FL 245 in Belgium, Luxembourg (Brussels UIR), the Netherlands (Amsterdam FIR) and the north-west of Germany (Hannover UIR), please contact: