Civil Use of Military Aerodromes (CUMA)

The significant growth in the number of flights forecast for the medium/long term in the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) area will challenge the air transport system’s ability to accommodate a much greater demand with the appropriate levels of safety and efficiency.

One possible solution to alleviate the future airport capacity crunch could be the expansion of the use of military aerodromes by civil aviation, as envisaged by recent authoritative documents and the SESAR programme.

The joint civil-military use of designated military aerodromes (in short, CUMA: Civil Use of Military Aerodromes) is a practice already in place in many ECAC States, on the basis of national regulations or agreements laying down competencies and responsibilities for the civil and military counterparts involved.


How we help

EUROCONTROL, by virtue of its unique position in the field of civil-military Air Traffic Management (ATM) cooperation, contributes by developing the EUROCONTROL CUMA Guidelines.

In 2008, we commissioned to SILURI Integration Ltd. a fact-finding study on existing legislation, regulation, procedures and practices across ECAC and relevant Non-ECAC States in the Joint Civil-Military use of military aerodromes. The study aims to bring together available information with regard to the current organisation of CUMA in some ECAC States and the United States (see "Related links" section).

Goran Redzepovic

PRISMIL Programme Manager