ATM safety, the civil-military contribution

We at EUROCONTROL are dedicated to enhancing all aspects of air traffic management (ATM) safety.

As for the military aviation community, we concentrate on safety regulation and safety improvements. We aim to involve them in ATM safety-related matters.

Our role is to:

  • monitor all safety aspects with a view to highlighting potential implications for the military aviation community;
  • focus on the military’s participation in EUROCONTROL’s safety-related working arrangements;
  • establish communication lines with the military flight safety community.

To enhance safety, we have developed a generic safety case supporting Cross-Border Area (CBA) operations. The document, called the Generic Cross-Border Area Concept of Operations (CONOPS), describes the processes involved in the reservation, allocation and operational use of CBA. It is essential to any safety assessment as it provides a reliable framework for airspace projects. The PDF version of this document is available for download under "related links".