All our publications

Here you will find a guide to all the studies and material we publish. Our guidance material is public and you will be able to download full reports. You will be able to use it freely as long as you acknowlege us as the source. However, for some specific protected material, you will need to request permission by contacting us at:

1. The Standard Inputs for EUROCONTROL Cost Benefit Analyses.

The Standard Inputs for EUROCONTROL Cost Benefit Analyses is the document where you will find recommended values for commonly used data items in Cost Benefit Analysis such as the cost of one minute of delay, the value of an average passenger flight, aircraft operating costs, etc. The values are provided together with details of the sources and a discussion of the applicability and use of the values. They are updated regularly. There is an online version called WIKISI (user name and password required).

2. CBA guidance.

Here we include a variety of studies and guidance material for your CBA. You will find here quality checklists, guidelines, examples and methodologies:

3. Centralised Services.

We are working in close cooperation with other EUROCONTROL Units to develop the necessary CBAs for supporting the 9 Centralised Services proposed by EUROCONTROL.

4. CBA studies in support of specific projects.

Here you can find examples of Cost Benefit Analyses carried out in support of different ATM projects. The projects are for improvements in areas such as airports, surveillance infrastructure, telecommunications or broad ATM projects.

5. Learn with us / Did you know that?

Our CBAs are based on sophisticated and sounded modelling but this does not mean they need to be complicated and boring for the non-specialist public. We have just created this series of publications in our Facebook page to try and make you learn with simple visuals and realise our work is more present in your life as you could initially have thought.

6. ATM Master Plan

We worked with the 16.06.06 partners to produce the business view providing the economic and financial impact of the Master Plan, an essential asset for SESAR deployment. You can find the business view on Chapter 5 of the latest edition of the ATM Master Plan Portal.

7. Evaluating the cost of delay.

Delay to Airspace Users is one of the most important metrics used to quantify the benefits of improvements to Air Traffic Management. Below, you will find key studies to estimate the cost of delay.