AIS/AIM FAB Activities

A Functional Airspace Block (FAB) is defined in the Single European Sky legislative package, as following: A FAB means an airspace block based on operational requirements and established regardless of State boundaries, where the provision of air navigation services and related ancillary functions are optimised and/or integrated.

There are nine FAB initiatives that have been notified to the European Commission:

  • Baltic FAB: Lithuania, Poland
  • Blue MED (Mediterranean FAB): Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta. Furthermore Egypt and Tunisia are Associate Partners; Albania and Jordan are Observers.
  • Danube: Bulgaria, Romania
  • FAB EC (FAB Europe Central):Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland,
  • FAB CE (FAB Central Europe): Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina , Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Slovenia
  • NEFAB: Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Norway
  • NUAC Programme: Denmark, Sweden
  • SW Portugal-Spain: Portugal, Spain
  • UK-IR FAB: Ireland, United Kingdom

The following webpages provide more detailed information on the various FAB's:

The following AIS/AIM arrangements inside the FABs were formally agreed so far:

FABEC AIM Task Force chairman
Roland Baumann
skyguide, Switzerland
Phone:+ 41 43 931 61 85
Fax:+ 41 43 931 61 79

Blue Med AIS Task Force leader
Spyridon Deligiannis
HCAA, Greece
Phone:+ 30 210 891629

More detailed information about Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs) can be found here.