Airport Capacity and Performance (ACAP) activities

The ACAP pillar focuses on operational and performance support for airports and the Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC). In close collaboration with the performance-reporting and post-operational analysis teams, recurrent situations affecting performance at airports are assessed and collaborative plans are developed together with the airport partners (including the air navigation service providers and airspace users). Mitigation concepts are developed and trialled and implemented where feasible.

Another branch is the analysis of airport capacity and throughput with the Performance Indicator and Analysis Tool for Airports (PIATA Neo), based on actual operational data. An airport capacity assessment will focus in particular on runway throughput, as this is one of the key parameters used to determine overall airport capacity. Additionally, an airport capacity assessment will allow an operational evaluation of taxi, apron and TMA operations.

The graph below provides a brief explanation of how a capacity study with PIATA Neo is set up. The airport is configured in the software, and then live operational data are collected for a defined period. Following that, the output reflects the actual operations, on the basis of which scenarios can be modelled by changing configurations and procedures to assess alternatives and potential improvements.

How does Airport Capacity and Performance testing works.

If you have questions on airport performance or are interested in learning more about PIATA Neo, send it to our ACAP team.

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