Aeronautical Data and Information Quality (ADQ) mandate

SES mandate on the aeronautical data and information quality (ADQ) implementing rule for interoperability - COMPLETED


EUROCONTROL has been mandated by the European Commission to develop a draft implementing rule for interoperability on Aeronautical Data Integrity (ADI). The mandate title was later modified to Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ) in order to more properly reflect the nature of its content to refer to data and information quality rather than just to data integrity. 

In terms of scope, the aeronautical information data process chain extends from the original data sources (e.g. surveyors, procedure designers, etc) through Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) and publication to the end users of the data for aeronautical applications. The purpose of the draft implementing rule is to supplement and strengthen the relevant existing requirements of ICAO Annex 15.

The Commission of the European Union has adopted Regulation (EC) No 73/2010 of 26 January 2010 laying down requirements on the quality of aeronautical data and aeronautical information for the single European sky.

A second regulation (ADQ-2) is under development to achieve aeronautical information of sufficient quality in the aeronautical data chain, from post-publication by the Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) provider to the end-use.


The final report delivered to the European Commission on 22nd October 2007 identified 11 means of compliance. Subsequent discussions within the Industry Consultation Body (ICB) have reduced this to 5 means of compliance developed by EUROCONTROL in the form of EUROCONTROL specifications. Namely, electronic AIP (eAIP), data quality requirements (DQR), data assurance levels (DAL), data origination (DO) and aeronautical information exchange (AIX) specifications.

Furthermore EUROCONTROL provides support to regulated parties through the ADQ Implementation Support Cell.

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Final Report

The Final Report for the draft implementing rule on aeronautical data and information quality (ADQ) was delivered to the European Commission on 22nd October 2007. It contains the draft implementing rule on ADQ, v2.0; justification material for the draft implementing rule on ADQ, v2.0; identification of means of compliance for the draft implementing rule on ADQ, v2.0; EUROCONTROL proposed actions to support stakeholders' efforts to implement the draft implementing rule on ADQ, v1.0 and the summary of responses (SOR) for the draft implementing rule on ADQ, v1.0.

  • ADQ Final Report
    16 October 2007, by EUROCONTROL, English - pdf - ed.2.0 - 5,3 MB


The draft implementing rule on ADQ was submitted to a written consultation from 15th March 2007 to 21st May 2007. The consultation package included draft justification material and the draft rule.

The summary of responses (SOR) document summarises all of the stakeholders' comments, providing EUROCONTROL's responses to them and the subsequent actions taken. It has been prepared and updated following the formal workshop held 4th July 2007.

Regulatory Approach

EUROCONTROL has developed and submitted to a written consultation between 27th January 2006 and 27th March 2006 a Regulatory Approach document. The Regulatory Approach document sets out proposals and supporting rationale for the regulatory coverage of the implementing rule, which has been formed from a detailed interoperability analysis and a preliminary assessment of safety and economic aspects, and implementation conditions.

This was followed by a workshop held on 3rd May 2006 to present and discuss the results of the written consultation and to finalise the regulatory approach document.


The initial plan describes the project plan and work breakdown structure, the methodology and processes and the consultation activities as agreed with the European Commission. It also provides an initial analysis of the mandate requirements.

  • ADQ Initial Plan
    13 September 2005, by EUROCONTROL, English - pdf - ed. 2.0 - 257 Kb