Aerodrome Mapping Database (AMDB)

An AMDB is a spatial database of an airport. An AMDB dataset describes the spatial layout of an aerodrome in terms of features (e.g. runways, taxiways, parking stands) with geometry described as points, lines or polygons, and with attributes (e.g.  surface type) providing further information. AMDBs are produced and exchanged as datasets using global standards and tools of mainstream Geographic Information System (GIS) technology.

AMDBs are used in a wide variety of applications. Current on-board applications are intended primarily to improve the pilot’s situational awareness for surface navigation, thereby increasing safety margins and operational efficiency.

EUROCONTROL is a contributing member of EUROCAE WG44 – RCTA SC217 which defines industry requirements and interchange specifications for AMDBs. The following standards are available from RTCA and EUROCAE:

RTCA DO-272D/EUROCAE ED-99D: User Requirements for Aerodrome Mapping Information

This standard provides minimum requirements and reference material applicable to the content, origination, publication, updating, and enhancement of aerodrome mapping information.

• RTCA DO-291C/EUROCAE ED-119C: Interchange Standards for Terrain, Obstacle, and Aerodrome Mapping Data

This standard describes requirements for AMDB interchange, applying the concepts of the ISO 19100 series and related OGC implementation specifications. The included Aerodrome Mapping Exchange Model (AMXM 2.0.0), is the EUROCAE WG-44 / RTCA SC-217 SWIM data exchange specification for Aerodrome Mapping Databases (AMDB). The AMXM consists of the AMXM UML Model and a derived AMXM XML Schema. The AMXM XML Schema is informative since other physical formats (e.g. custom GIS format, AIXM5.1) may be used too.


The AMXM 2.0.0 which corresponds to ED-119C/DO-291C and ED-99D/DO-272D is available here:

The AMXM 1.1.0 which corresponds to the earlier ED-119/DO-291 and ED-99A/DO-272A versions of the AMXM is available here.

The European AMDB Community of Interest is a collaborative platform for sharing Aerodrome Mapping awareness and guidance in support of implementation. To access or become a member click here.