Additional billing and collection services for States and ANSPs

The Central Route Charges Office (CRCO) has developed billing and collection services on a bilateral basis in response to demand by both Member and non-Member States. In running a centralised service, the CRCO has been able to optimise the use of available resources and expertise, as well as to create a level playing field from a route charges perspective for the pan-European airlines.

Billing and collection of terminal charges

Air navigation service providers (ANSPs) in Member States make use of EUROCONTROL’s expertise in the calculation, billing, collection and accounting of Terminal Air Navigation Charges (TNC). Any EUROCONTROL Member State may avail itself of the terminal charges billing and collection services. These services are offered on the basis of a bilateral agreement.

By using the same data and tools used for en route and terminal charges, the CRCO can offer billing and collection services for terminal charges at a very low cost to States and air navigation service providers. Moreover, claims submitted by users in relation to both types of charge are processed in a single, coherent operation. For more information on the service and procedure related to the TNC see the Summary Note on EUROCONTROL’s TNC services.

In 2016, EUROCONTROL operated sixteen bilateral agreements relating to terminal charges with France (billing only), the Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Moldova, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Sweden, Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Malta and Albania. A seventeenth agreement with M-NAV, the ANSP in the Republic of North Macedonia, was prepared and entered into force on 1 January 2017.

Billing and collection of Shanwick communications charges

EUROCONTROL bills and collects Shanwick communications charges for flights carried out in the Shanwick Oceanic Region on behalf of the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA).

Billing and collection of air navigation charges for non-Member States

The Central Route Charges Office also provides billing and collection services for air navigation charges (ANC) on a bilateral basis to EUROCONTROL’s non-Member States.

The States concerned fund all resources required for operating these bilateral agreements, without any financial contribution from EUROCONTROL’s Member States. For information on the procedure and services for ANC, read the CRCO Services Fact sheet (leaflet for ANC).

In 2016, EUROCONTROL operated four bilateral agreements relating to air navigation charges with three non-Member States: Belarus, Uzbekistan and Egypt and one Comprehensive Agreement State, Morocco.

Air navigation charges comprise route charges and, optionally, terminal charges. In 2016, terminal charges were billed on behalf of Belarus and Egypt.

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