Adapting aviation to a changing climate

Key climate change risks for aviation

Considerable effort is being put into reducing aviation’s impact on the climate. However, even if mankind stopped all carbon emissions tomorrow, some impacts of climate change will still be inevitable.

Although aviation deals with disruptive weather on a regular basis, such events are likely to become more extreme and more frequent as we experience the impacts of climate change.

The aviation industry must ensure the resilience of its infrastructure and the provision of safe, reliable operations and passenger services in a changing climate.


How we can help

We provide organisations with a single entry point to key resources on climate resilience, as well as a toolkit of questions and case studies to help initiate a climate risk assessment.

The questions work as a checklist for aviation organisations to begin to assess whether climate change impacts will be a risk to them. The case studies provide examples of how some organisations are already adapting to the potential impacts of climate change, describing the measures they are taking and sharing their knowledge and experience.


Assessing Climate Change Risks for your organisation


Resources on Climate Impacts for Aviation

Updated October 2014

Airport Cooperative Research Programme Synthesis Comprehensive review of the range of risks to airports from projected climate change and the emerging approaches for handling these risks.
U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit Overview of the potential impacts of climate change on aviation.
EEA Adaptation in Europe Provides policymakers across Europe, at different levels of governance and stages of policy formulation, with information that can be used to support adaptation planning and implementation.
EEA/EioNET: Adaptation to Climate Change in the Transport Sector Maps current actions in EEA countries for adapting the transport system to climate change and identifies opportunities for further action.
at the European level in the next years
EU Adaptation Strategy Package Annex I provides an overview of climate risks and impacts for transport infrastructure, including aviation.
EUROCONTROL Challenges of Growth 2013 Reviews climate change risks out to 2050 and identifies key actions which the industry can take to reduce those risks.
EUROCONTROL Challenges of Growth 2008 This issue of 'Challenges of Growth' provides an environmental update Study and climate adaptation case studies analysis of climate change risks for the aviation sector. Case studies take an in-depth look at the potential impacts of sea-level rise, increased convective weather and climate change-related changes in demand.
European Climate Adaptation Platform “Climate-Adapt”
Support in adapting to climate change. Access and sharing of information on expected climate change in Europe, vulnerability of regions and sectors, National and transnational adaptation strategies, adaptation case studies and potential adaptation option, tools that support adaptation planning.
ICAO Environment Report 2013

Chapter 7: Adaptation

Series of articles on the possible adverse effects which aviation activity may experience as a result of climate change and the adaptation measures which the sector can implement.

U.S. National Climate Assessment 2014

Chapter 5: Transportation

Climate Change Impacts in the United States

Resources on Risk Assessment for Aviation

Updated December 2015

DGAC Airport vulnerability on climate change

(only in French)

Vulnérabilité des aérodromes face au changement climatique. Note d'information technique.

Overview of climate change risk assessment methodology for airports developed by DGAC France.

Heathrow Airport Climate Change

Adaptation Reporting Power Report.

Overview of climate change risk assessment carried out by Heathrow Airport Ltd.

NATS UK Climate Change Adaptation Report Overview of climate change risk assessment carried out by the UK ANSP National Air Traffic Services (NATS).
Risk Assessment for Airports Climate Change Adaptation Planning
Working Group for the Analysis of the Climate Change

Adaptation Needs of the Core Network of Transport Infrastructure in Spain.

Final report on analysis of needs to adapt the core network of transport infrastructure in Spain to climate change, including the core aviation network of 46 airports and two heliports.

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