31 August 2017
Safety nets form an integral part of the ATM system, so much so that they can sometimes be taken for granted. However, their environment evolves so...
PDF icon Safety Nets Guide (August 2017)1.46 MB
29 April 2016
How can operational safety be improved across the network? Five top safety priority areas have been earmarked to help do this. The Network Manager...
30 January 2015
Controller-pilot data link communications (CPDLC) is an air/ground data-link application which enables the exchange of text messages between...
PDF icon CPDLC factsheet794.9 KB
6 February 2014
Brussels, Belgium – In its 2013 annual safety report, EUROCONTROL’s Safety Regulation Commission (SRC) confirms that a record number of thirty-six...
5 February 2014
This document presents the EUROCONTROL Safety Regulation Commission's (SRC) Annual Safety Report for 2013 . The analysis of ATM safety performance...
PDF icon SRC Annual Safety Report 2013 (pdf)900.27 KB
2 December 2013
A landmark seminar on Air Traffic Safety Investigation was held in Madrid on 21 and 22 November 2013 on a fundamental question: “ How to evolve ATM...
25 October 2013
A white paper, published by EUROCONTROL’s Network Manager and entitled “From Safety I to Safety II”, explains the key differences between, and the...
4 July 2013
Sending our families and friends to travel by air and worrying if their baggage will be lost or damaged or if they will arrive on time often without...
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