Impact assessments for noise, gaseous and particulate emissions, and local air quality.

IMPACT is the EUROCONTROL online tool dedicated to multi-airport environmental impact assessments for noise, gaseous and particulate emissions, and local air quality.

IMPACT was created in the context of the SESAR WP16 transverse-area work programme. It allows EUROCONTROL’s ICAO-recognised AEM fuel-burn and emission model and STAPES aircraft noise model to be run from the same modelling platform via a secure web portal using common user input data on aircraft operations and trajectories. These data are input into, and processed by, IMPACT before being used by the noise and emission models and by ad-hoc analysis and display post-processing tools.

IMPACT is designed to support studies of different scales, from the local level (e.g. airport or TMA) up to the global level (European network or beyond). It can carry out combined emission and noise impact assessments for multi-airport and multi-runway studies.

IMPACT provides a set of preparation, validation and visualisation tools that enable the creation of a dataset that can be processed by the environmental models.

IMPACT can take user input files from various sources (real-time and model-based simulations, theoretical studies, real tracks). Traffic may be defined in several ways, including 4D trajectories, the usual noise model input types (vector-based and point-based tracks, vertical profiles, etc.), and aircraft noise and performance (ANP) reference database data. Data are read from simple text files.


Impact assessments


Noise impact assessments are performed by the STAPES model. This model produces noise contours, with their computed area, and number of people impacted, for widely recognised metrics (Laeq, Lden, LAmax). It is also possible to define custom metrics in compliance with best practice given in ECAC Doc29, 3rd Edition.

The impacted-population counts use the European Environment Agency’s (EEA) disaggregated population density reference. Output is produced in CSV, and the usual GIS (KML and SHP), files.

Greenhouse gas emission

Emission impact assessments are carried out by the AEM model. These include fuel burn determination and the computation of gaseous pollutant and particulate matter emissions for each segment of an aircraft trajectory.

IMPACT enables the user to select segments for which a descriptive analysis, including multiple comparisons (by scenario, aircraft type, attitude, etc.), should be carried out. The raw emission results are available in the common AEM output (SO6) format.

Gridded emissions inventories

IMPACT provides a gridded emission inventory functionality that allows the emissions calculated above to be located on a defined grid along a defined hourly based time frame. Furthermore, it provides a scenario-comparison functionality that enables the identification of geographical differences in concentration.

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