EACCC - European Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell

Respond to a European ATM crisis situations in a coordinated and efficient way 

Crisis management is a key function of the Network Manager.

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The European Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell (EACCC) was established by EU Transport Ministers on 11 May 2010 with the help of EUROCONTROL. Its aim is to respond to crisis situations like the volcanic ash disruptions of April and May 2010.

This activity aims at alerting the aviation community to an impending crisis and proposing, coordinating and implementing the measures required to deal with it, through the EACCC (European Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell).

The EACCC is also in charge of keeping all aviation stakeholders informed about the crisis, including the decisions that have been taken and the progress of the measures to deal with it.

This service is complementary to the “Crisis and Contingency Management” operational service which aims at implementing ATFCM measures to deal with the network disruptions and implementing contingency measures to ensure the continuity of EUROCONTROL operational services.

Addressed user needs

  • Access a single entry point for a coordinated response to ATM crises and network disruptions in Europe
  • Be informed on the evolution of ATM crises
  • Get related operational instructions and collaborate to the resolution of ATM crises

Further info and Assistance

Free access to the information published on the EUROCONTROL website and Public NOP Portal.

 Access upon subscription to the supporting tools:

  • Protected NOP Portal (including the ‘EVITA’ feature,  the  ‘Tele-conferences’ and ‘E-helpdesk’ facilities),
  • EAD Applications (including the 'Digital SNOWTAM' feature)

See the detailed access conditions in the corresponding pages of the Catalogue.

Information on the Volcanic Ash Crisis:


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