Arrival manager (AMAN)

Part of the FASTI (First Air Traffic Control (ATC) Support Tools Implementation) Programme

Since the late 1990s, the aviation industry has been developing Arrival Manager (AMAN) systems and tools to assist air navigation service providers (ANSPs) with aircraft arrivals, particularly during challenging periods such as bad weather or runway closures.

ANSPs have also developed bespoke systems to meet their own specific needs. Consequently, numerous products and systems have been introduced with great effect across European airports.

 The success of these systems has led to the need for a thorough documentation process so that a standardised set of definitions, terms and classifications could be developed for the industry and the lessons learned could be documented to help other ANSPs with their own AMAN implementations.

Main deliverables

In 2009 and 2010, EUROCONTROL undertook surveys of AMAN systems at European airports, resulting in the AMAN Status Review 2009 and the AMAN Status Review 2010.

A comprehensive set of guidelines for AMAN implementations was also produced, as was a document entitled, ‘AMAN Information Extension to En-route Sectors – Concept of Operations’.

 In order to provide support for AMAN future deployments at European airports, EUROCONTROL has since included two AMAN-related activities within the scope of the FASTI programme:

  • Arrival Management system support
  • Extended Arrival Management

Both these activities support SESAR IP1 Operational Improvements: “Arrival Management Supporting TMA Improvements” and “Extended Arrival (AMAN in En-route)”, respectively, and cover the period up to 2013.


Bogdan Petricel
FASTI Programme Manager
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