Airspace Real-Time Simulation

Assessing airspace impact of network changes for better decisions.

The purpose of this service is to produce airspace simulations to support the deployment of ATM network improvements and the validation of operational concepts by assessing the relevant key performance and human factors.


This service consists in:

  • Ensuring the timely execution of airspace simulation activities to support the deployment of planned network improvements
  • Ensuring the validation of new operational concepts, airspace structures, route design, and ATC capacity analysis     
  • Ensuring the timely provision of airspace simulation services as requested by individual or groups of ANSPs or FABs
  • Analysing the efficiency of Air Traffic Management (ATM) operations
  • Performance and human factors addressed: capacity, safety, complexity, acceptability, flight efficiency...

Addressed user needs

  • Simulate airspace changes
  • Assess the impact of airspace changes


This service delivers airspace simulation studies. Examples of final reports are available on request from contact persons below.

Access conditions

On Request Service.
This service is delivered to ANSPs and FABs upon signing of a financial framework. (special agreement)

For subscription, see contact tab.

Further info and contacts

For more information, contact:

Mr Razvan Bucuroiu or Philippe Debels

ID: S212
Air navigation service providers, Military