Airspace Pre-Validation

Correct Airspace Data inconsistencies

The purpose of this Airspace pre-validation service is to allow ANSPs to detect and correct inconsistencies and/or incomplete fields in airspace data before publication.


‘Airspace Pre-Validation’ consists in implementing and validating airspace data before official publication of the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP).


  • Several AIRAC cycles in advance, National ENV Coordinators (NECs) and/or Airspace Management Cell (AMC) may submit their planned airspace modifications to the Network Manager Operations Centre for pre-validation purposes.
  • In collaboration with the ENV Coordinator and or the AMC and the FMP specialists in the relevant ANSP, the Network Manager Operations Centre creates a specific database that is loaded on test systems. 
  • The ANSP team, including the ENV Coordinator and or the AMC and the FMP specialists, simulate the impact of the airspace/route structure changes using existing/adapted/newly created flight plans - in coordination with the Network Manager Operations Centre.
  • The simulation results are given to the ANSP/CNAA/State.


Addressed user needs

Optimise the quality of airspace operational data before official publication or before major events, military exercise becomes operational.


The output of the service is: Airspace data validated by the Network Manager Operations Centre. 

Access conditions

This service is provided to EUROCONTROL Members States only when deemed necessary for ATFCM/ASM purposes, upon request by ANSPs.
The applicable procedure is described in the Network Operations HANDBOOK. 

Further info and contacts

Contact for information and operational assistance:
The NOS-AD Supervisors:

ID: S331
Air navigation service providers, Airports, Flow Management Position (FMP), Military
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