Airport Information and Data

The focal point for collecting and delivering airport information

This activity aims to optimise the efficiency of information and data exchanges between airports and EUROCONTROL, thanks to a centralised common process, which was voluntarily adopted by 40 European airports.

It provides EUROCONTROL the airport information necessary to perform the Network Management functions, in particular the European Network Capacity Planning process, the management of special events impacting capacity, and the monitoring and reporting on the ATM network performance.

It also aims to avoid duplicating requests to airports and delivers a single information repository to all actors involved via a web-based tool, the Airport Corner.

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The Airport Information activity collects and analyses information on:

  • Airport Capacity
  • Traffic Forecast
  • On Going & Planned events and projects
  • Weather Management
  • TMA/ Approach
  • Traffic Mix
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Operational Contacts

New information requirements are gradually implemented according to EUROCONTROL's needs.

Notice on confidentiality: The information from individual airports can only the accessed by its partners which participate in the reporting process. Some information can be flagged as "confidential" if not suitable for public disclosure.

Contribution to network performance

Currently 68 European airports voluntarily participate in this process, including the 40 most “network constraining” airports.
At least another 30 airports will be joining before the end of 2015. Also About 500 airport partners contribute in this process, including Airport Operators and ATC.

Addressed user needs

  • Understand airport operations
  • Retrieve airport data
  • Contribute to Network planning
  • Contribute to improve Network performance
  • Have a dedicated contact for my airline/airport for data exchange


The information collected via this activity feeds multiple planning and reporting services such as:

Further info and contacts

Contact the Airport Information team by email

For troubleshooting contact our Technical Support team

Phone: +32 2 729 3060

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