Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM)

More efficient airport  operations with A-CDM 

The Airport CDM activity aims to:

  • Improve the overall efficiency of operations at European airports by integrating processes and systems - in particular by optimising the aircraft turn-round and pre-departure sequencing process.
  • Consequently improve the ATM Network fluency, by sharing the same operational picture with the Network Manager and with all airport partners.

 Benefits for the ATM network include:

  • More accurate take-off information feeding into the air traffic flow and capacity management system run by EUROCONTROL's Network Management
  • More efficient use of the airport available capacity by all operational partners
  • More effective use of slots - therefore resulting in reduced delays and improved predictability of events during the flight.

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The EUROCONTROL  A-CDM Team facilitates the implementation of:

  • CDM Milestone Approach  
  • Collaborative Pre-departure Sequence
  • Variable Taxi Time Calculation  
  • CDM in Adverse Conditions
  • Collaborative Management of Flight Updates.

It also collects and disseminates best practices regarding Airport CDM Information Sharing.
Eventually, it develops and delivers training courses for A-CDM implementation through e-learning.

Contribution to network performance

  • Support implementation of A-CDM at up to 40 airports
  • Connect smaller non-A-CDM airports with the network through Advanced Towers
  • 40% of traffic is subject to DPI by end of 2015
  • Facilitation of wider harmonisation at global level

Addressd user needs

  • Contribute to improve Network performance
  • Improve airport turnaround
  • See the availability of slots – have better view on how they are managed
  • Know current local MET conditions, forecast MET and know forecast for when an airport will be x minutes from saturation
  • Know where my inbound aircraft is – on the ground, in the air
  • Know which gate my flight is planned to depart from and get real time updates of gate changes
  • Know when runway queues will be at their peak
  • Know in advance when airport will reach its ground infrastructure capacity – no stands left
  • Have immediate notification of unforeseen runway closures (incident, accident/other)
  • Know what other transport delays will affect accessibility to my airport of departure and at my destination – motorways, traffic, ice, snow, accidents, road closures, train strikes etc.


Consult the  A-CDM website library for more information.

Further info and contacts

Visit the dedicated A-CDM website for more information

Contact the A-CDM team by email

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