Airport Capacity and Performance

Better predictability and airport capacity utilisation thanks to end to end network integration

This activity aims to:

  • Increase airport capacity and performance by unlocking ‘built-in buffers’ on the ground and in the air thanks to an integrated planning of airport and network operations (AOP Airport Operations Plans and NOP)
  • Also improve predictability and efficiency of day to day operations for airlines and ANSPs, thanks to extensive information sharing and collaborative decisions.

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The Airport Unit supports airports in a wide range of initiatives and tasks which contribute to this activity:

  • Coordinated planning of airport and network operations
  • Link with A-CDM to support the required information exchange between airports and the network
  • Performance analyses  and simulations

Contribution to network performance

  • Enhanced traffic predictability through integrated planning
  • Reducing the gap between planning and operations
  • Enhanced information exchange between Airports and the Network Manager

Addressed user need

  • Understand airport operations
  • Know about airports and the network: airport efficiency and airport performance, airport capacity
  • Know what the real reason is for my delay
  • Contribute to improve Network performance


  • Airport throughput analysis with the PIATA+ simulation tool
  • Airport consolidated planning in the Network Operations Plan

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Further info and contacts

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ID: A431
Air navigation service providers, Airport Handling Agent, Airports, Flow Management Position (FMP), Military