The First European Air Traffic Controller Selection Test (FEAST) assesses the knowledge, skills and abilities of applicants for air traffic control (ATC) training that are necessary for the air traffic controller (ATCO) job.

Job applicants take the tests at the premises of accredited FEAST users. All job applicant data and test results are secured and can be accessed and used only by the air navigation service provider (ANSP) or training institute to whom they belong. Users are given full training and familiarisation before they are accredited to use FEAST. The test is available to civil and military ANSPs and certified ATC aviation training academies and universities. These organisations can be located in EUROCONTROL Member States and outside Europe.


  • FEAST test package
  • courses for new users and administrators as a prerequisite to accreditation
  • refresher trainings for accredited users
  • specific training on the FPQ (Personality Questionnaire) and how to use the results in an interview

Access conditions

Civil and Military ANSPs and ATC training institutes in EUROCONTROL Member States may request to use the service and tests. FEAST may also be provided to organisations outside Europe. The use of FEAST is subject to the signature of a license agreement and to the training of users and administrators.

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