The English Language Proficiency for Aeronautical Communication (ELPAC) exam tests the English language skills necessary for aeronautical communication. It is designed for operational air traffic controllers and pilots and reflects the range of tasks undertaken in air traffic control and pilot communications.

Reliability and integrity are imperative for language testing in aviation. Demonstration of compliance with the ICAO language proficiency requirements is a condition for obtaining or renewing pilot and controller licences. It is a serious matter for the professional development of the individual but also for the providers of air traffic services or the aircraft operator.

ELPAC is the one of the only tests fully recognised by ICAO for being in conformance with ICAO Standards and Recommended practices (SARPs) for Language Proficiency Requirements. This means that the ELPAC test meets all of the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements and follows good language testing practices.


  • ELPAC test package for air traffic controllers, air traffic control (ATC) students and ATPL pilots

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Access conditions

Organisations intending to use ELPAC will be required to:

  • sign a licence agreement with EUROCONTROL (respecting test security, confidentiality of data and maintaining ELPAC test standards);
  • select qualified personnel (English language and operational aviation experts) to receive training from EUROCONTROL as test administrator, marker, assessor and interlocutor;
  • have this personnel accredited (following a one week training course).

Once these conditions are fulfilled the organisation will be given access to the ELPAC test and can start testing their licence holders.

ELPAC testing will be managed by selected examiners from the organisation using ELPAC. The testing will take place at the location of the user.

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