Continuous climb/descent operations (CCO/CDO) is an aircraft operating technique. It allows for a flexible and optimum flight path that delivers major environmental and economic benefits including reductions to fuel burn, gaseous emissions and noise impact without any adverse effect on safety (see also ICAO Doc 9993 and ICAO Doc 9931). It is enabled by airspace design, instrument procedure design and facilitated by ATC.

Consequently, the rapid and widespread deployment of harmonised, capacity-friendly versions of the CCO and CDO technique throughout Europe will be beneficial to all European air traffic management (ATM) system stakeholders and will empower the network to respond positively to environmental challenges.

The European CDO implementation programme is an industry-wide collaborative effort that has the backing of all stakeholders in European ATM to achieve the requirements laid out in the European joint industry CDA action plan, launched in 2009, which sets out specific actions for the European Aviation industry to ensure rapid deployment of CDO throughout Europe

The Network Manager supports CCO/CDO deployment in collaboration with stakeholders (air navigation service providers (ANSPs), aircraft manufacturers and aviation industry associations such as IATA, ERA, ACI and CANSO) to measure and maximize those benefits which are achievable in the current ATM framework. We also facilitate the development of more advanced CCO/CDO resulting from the deployment of future ATM tools and procedures.



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