15 September 2017
The purpose of this user manual is to frame the support of the Flight Efficiency Work Programme (FEWP) within the Network Manager Operations Centre...
PDF icon NO-Flight-Efficiency-current.pdf891.16 KB
14 September 2017
The intention of this survey was to gather clients’ experience from the use of the EAD Service. Areas of improvement were identified from the scores...
14 September 2017
The ASM Booklet contains information on conditional routes as collected from national AIPs and will be updated every AIRAC cycle. The ASM Booklet is...
PDF icon ASM Booklet – 14 September 20171.16 MB
14 September 2017
The European Helicopter Routes Chart displays the helicopter routes in Europe, as published in ENR 3.4 part of the State AIPs. This chart will be...
5 September 2017
Air traffic controllers at EUROCONTROL’ s Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) can now rely on additional technology to further improve their...
1 September 2017
The Free Route Airspace (FRA) Points List gives an overview on significant points having FRA relevance, connecting routes and rules of availability.