8 May 2017
This document describes the method followed for the calculation of the raw data that are used in the “1.A.3.a Aviation annex 1”...
5 May 2017
European flights increased by 4.5% in March 2017 compared with March 2016, matching the baseline forecast. Preliminary data for April 2017 show an...
3 May 2017
With the early implementation of the revised Convention in 1997, EUROCONTROL formally became a civil-military organisation for the safety of air...
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3 May 2017
The ATFCM Users Manual has been prepared with the main object of providing in one document an operational description of the NM ATFCM procedures and...
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3 May 2017
This document is one of the elements of the Network Operations HANDBOOK and combines the former ATFCM Operating Procedures for FMP and the previously...
2 May 2017
The purpose of this document is to consolidate in a brief and simple guide all technical and practical information at the attention of the end users...
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1 May 2017
Scheduling correctly is a difficult art: if too long a time is blocked for a flight, the airline will not be able to make best use of resources -...
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