22 June 2018
The Central Office of Delay Analysis (CODA) gives policy makers and airspace users consistent and comprehensive information on Europe’s delay...
21 June 2018
The ASM Booklet contains information on conditional routes as collected from national AIPs and will be updated every AIRAC cycle. The ASM Booklet is...
PDF icon ASM Booklet – 21 June 20181.14 MB
20 June 2018
In this issue of ACAS Bulletin we describe events caused primarily by technical anomalies associated with the traffic collision avoidance system (...
PDF icon Download issue 23 for June 2018625.91 KB
19 June 2018
The report aims to provide decision-makers with the best-achievable set of information to support long-term planning decisions for aviation in Europe...
18 June 2018
In the latest Industry Monitor we focus on the 2.8% increase of European flights in May 2018, matching the baseline forecast published in February...
PDF icon Industry Monitor 203 for May 20181.26 MB
15 June 2018
Traffic in May 2018 increased by 2.9% compared to May 2017 and was in line with the baseline forecast. Nine states added more than 50 flights daily...
8 June 2018
One of the biggest constraints in air traffic control today is the saturation of voice communication channels. 60% of all incidents have (VHF)...
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