1 September 2017
The Free Route Airspace (FRA) Points List gives an overview on significant points having FRA relevance, connecting routes and rules of availability.
1 September 2017
Until last year, 2008 was the year which had the most air traffic. But 2016 set an all-time record of 10,190,903 flights and network traffic...
31 August 2017
Safety nets form an integral part of the ATM system, so much so that they can sometimes be taken for granted. However, their environment evolves so...
PDF icon Safety Nets Guide (August 2017)1.46 MB
24 August 2017
This Annex contains the comments for every set of questions as provided by the survey respondents. Clients were invited to add, as a free text, any...
24 August 2017
In accordance with the EC Regulation 1035/2011, Annex 1 part 2.2.2 & part 9, EAD is tasked with the production of the EAD Annual Plan on its...
PDF icon EAD Annual Plan 2017151.56 KB
23 August 2017
The Central Office of Delay Analysis (CODA) gives policy makers and airspace users consistent and comprehensive information on Europe’s delay...
22 August 2017
Latest (meeting) changes to 2017 calendar: Addition: 2 October: ANSB/32 (Air Navigation Services Board) - EUROCONTROL HQ, Brussels Latest (meeting)...
17 August 2017
The ASM Booklet contains information on conditional routes as collected from national AIPs and will be updated every AIRAC cycle. The ASM Booklet is...
PDF icon ASM Booklet – 17 August 20171.16 MB