4 June 2007
Do we really need ATC? Imagine what would happen if ATC were to disappear tomorrow! All aircraft would taxi and take off when and how they wanted,...
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11 May 2007
PRR 2006 analyses the performance of European Air Traffic Management system in 2006 under a number of Key Performance Areas including: Safety, Delays...
1 May 2007
This document describes the message structure for the transmission of monoradar service messages, from a radar station (conventional Secondary...
10 April 2007
Over the past few years, environmental concerns have assumed increasing importance. The capacity of the entire European air traffic management (ATM)...
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1 April 2007
This document describes the structure for the transmission of Traffic Information Service - Broadcast (TIS-B) management messages from a TIS-B server...
5 February 2007
Partnership for performance and growth EUROCONTROL is acutely aware of how much the airlines have done over the last few years to improve their own...
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