21 January 2008
During 2007, EUROCONTROL continued to adapt to the requirements of a changing air traffic management (ATM) environment and realigned itself according...
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8 January 2008
Must HindSight always avoid collisions? HindSight is an “Aviation Safety Magazine for Air Traffic Controllers”. The concept is based on carefully...
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7 January 2008
You may find here the "Feasibility Studies on the Integration of Military Ground and Aircraft Systems in the SESAR Concept and Architecture:...
6 December 2007
This is the sixth report based on mandatory information disclosure provided by 36 Air Navigation Services Providers (ANSPs) to the EUROCONTROL...
PDF icon ace-2006-benchmarking-report.pdf2.94 MB
22 November 2007
This document specifies the minimum requirements for the development, configuration and use of Short Term Conflict Alert (STCA) by all Air Navigation...
PDF icon 20071122-stca-spe-v1.0.pdf215.05 KB
15 November 2007
This report reviews the sharing of European airspace above FL195 and use of shared airspace for civil traffic and military activities in 2005. It...
6 November 2007
This special edition of Skyway celebrates a decade of developments in the field of air traffic management (ATM) and looks forward to the challenges...
PDF icon Special edition Skyway 4612.34 MB
5 November 2007
The purpose of an air traffic control service is to prevent collisions and to maintain an orderly, expeditious flowof traffic. The objective of TCAS...
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