9 November 2017
The ASM Booklet contains information on conditional routes as collected from national AIPs and will be updated every AIRAC cycle. The ASM Booklet is...
8 November 2017
In 2016 the overall performance of the Fund was +5.64% and the return since inception is +4.39% per year. The overall return from the investment...
PDF icon Pension Fund Annual Report 20169.84 MB
29 October 2017
In the event of an ETFMS failure, a number of appropriate procedures have been put in place. These procedures are described in the ATFCM Operations...
27 October 2017
EUROCONTROL/NMD/STATFOR is the Statistics and Forecast Service of the EUROCONTROL Agency that provides to EUROCONTROL members and stakeholders:...
25 October 2017
The current edition of this publication is 3.0 (dated 25 October 2017) and can be downloaded hereabove. .
24 October 2017
This document provides all users of the IFPS with an easy to access reference manual. The manual is intended to contain all the necessary procedures...
PDF icon ifps-users-manual-current.pdf3.5 MB
18 October 2017
The ATFCM Users Manual has been prepared with the main object of providing in one document an operational description of the NM ATFCM procedures and...
PDF icon atfcm-users-manual-current.pdf1.26 MB
18 October 2017
This document is one of the elements of the Network Operations HANDBOOK and combines the former ATFCM Operating Procedures for FMP and the previously...