Operational Safety Study on Sudden High Energy Runway Conflict (SHERC)

3 March 2017

This report documents the operational safety study on one of the Top 5 Network Manager operational safety priorities for 2015/2016 – “Sudden High Energy Runway Conflict (SHERC)”. In addition, it serves as a reference for the Network actors in case they undertake operational safety analysis and improvement activities for Sudden High Energy Runway Conflict (SHERC) events.

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This study was performed by the EUROCONTROL Safety Improvement Sub-Group (SISG), reporting to the EUROCONTROL Safety Team, as part of their tasked to identify the Top 5 ATM Operational Safety Priorities. SISG performed a series of reviews during summer 2014 and involved a series of dedicated workshops with 14 air navigation service providers (ANSPs), representing a large part of European air traffic.

Runway Safety Team

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