EUROCONTROL Annual Report 2012

25 July 2013

2012 was marked by a number of milestones. For ATM in Europe, it was particularly notable for being the first year of the Single European Sky Performance Scheme.

For Europe overall, traffic fell in 2012 although growth did take place in some areas, notably Turkey, Poland and Ukraine. The current forecast is for a further decline in 2013, before growth returns in 2014.

EUROCONTROL’s partnership approach is proving to be very successful, both in helping its stakeholders improve their performance and also in promoting the position of European ATM globally. This was clearly to be seen at ICAO’s 12th Air Navigation Conference towards the end of 2012, where the Agency, in close collaboration with the European Commission and ECAC, played a major and successful role in coordinating and promoting Europe’s interests. This partnership is also in evidence in the relations with EASA, NATO and the FAA.

In 2012, EUROCONTROL signed a High Level Agreement with the European Commission. EUROCONTROL now have to build on this Agreement, not just by agreeing the Annexes, but also by looking at the governance of the Agency more generally, to ensure that it is fit for
purpose. EUROCONTROL has also to examine how to best help its Member States and ANSPs – in particular, how to help them meet their SES Performance Scheme targets.

It is the reason why we have led the SESAR work package which, last year, produced the new edition of the ATM Master Plan; it is why the Network Manager is closely involved with the deployment of SESAR improvements; and it is also why we are promoting the concept of centralised services as a way to improve efficiency and to help European ATM become more competitive in the global arena.

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EUROCONTROL Annual Report 2012