En Route Service Units Forecasts

13 March 2017

EUROCONTROL/NMD/STATFOR is the Statistics and Forecast Service of the EUROCONTROL Agency that provides to EUROCONTROL members and stakeholders:

  • Statistics to allow measurement and understanding of what is happening in the air traffic industry.
  • Quantitative forecasts to plan a response for future air traffic needs.

Amongst its main forecast products, STATFOR regularly provides en route Service Units forecasts to all ATM stakeholders to assist Member States in the establishment of their en route Unit Rates.

STATFOR currently publishes a tri-annual short-term Service Units forecast (see schedule below) for each individual charging area in those Member States which participate in the Multilateral Agreement. The methodology is primarily based on time-series analysis (or statistical forecasting).  

2017 Service Unit Forecasting schedule

Service Unit forecasting exercise Release planned on Based on actual data from 1990/01 to Forecasted years
SUF 1 - 2017 10/03/2017 January 2017 2017-2023
SUF 2 - 2017 24/05/2017 March 2017 2017-2018
SUF 3 - 2017 15/10/2017 August 2017 2017-2023



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