Network Manager Annual Report 2015

15 July 2016

The annual report, covering the Network Manager's (NM) activities in 2015, the first year of the Single European Sky’s second Reference Period (RP2 – 2015-2019). The NM Annual Report was approved in June by the Network Management Board members.

NM’s activities in 2015 focused on achieving the new performance targets for the first year of RP2, addressing the capacity issues in the network and on minimising the effect of disruptions in the network.

In 2015, NM focused on:

  • enhancing network ATFCM operations;
  • improving flight efficiency through enhanced airspace design and utilisation actions;
  • synchronising major ATM changes;
  • mitigating the impact of strikes on the network performance;
  • improving the flexibility of capacity management in some ACCs constrained due to social tension or rigidity in the management of opening control sectors;
  • supporting safety improvement;
  • integrating airports into the network.

For more details read the full report below.

PDF icon NM Annual Report for 20155.5 MB

In 2011, the European Union established the Network Manager under the Single European Sky (SES) II package. The aim is to address the difficulties of the past and respond to users’ request to have seamless European airspace better managed on a network level. NM created the operational partnerships needed to achieve the SES performance targets for the benefit of all States included in the pan-European network.