9 May 2017
This document provides all users of the IFPS with an easy to access reference manual. The manual is intended to contain all the necessary procedures...
PDF icon ifps-users-manual-next.pdf3.51 MB
3 May 2017
This document is one of the elements of the Network Operations HANDBOOK and combines the former ATFCM Operating Procedures for FMP and the previously...
PDF icon ATFCM-Operations-Manual-next.pdf1.47 MB
3 May 2017
The ATFCM Users Manual has been prepared with the main object of providing in one document an operational description of the NM ATFCM procedures and...
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27 April 2017
The ASM Booklet contains information on conditional routes as collected from national AIPs and will be updated every AIRAC cycle. The ASM Booklet is...
25 April 2017
This document describes the new or modified functions delivered by the Network Manager as part of the Network Manager software releases which affect...
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21 April 2017
This is a EUROCONTROL document which specifies the relevant reference numbers of AIS publications (AIRAC AIP AMDT, and, if they pertain to the ATS...