Press releases

18 April 2011
In an effort to cope with the anticipated future traffic upturn and improve air traffic management performance in one of the busiest areas in Europe,
12 April 2011
Brussels, Belgium – One year on from the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano the EC, EUROCONTROL, and EASA are participating in a major ICAO...
10 March 2011
Maastricht, the Netherlands – 142 new direct routes have been implemented in the airspace controlled by the EUROCONTROL Maastricht Upper Area Control...
8 March 2011
Brussels, Belgium – On 7 March 2011, at a ceremony taking place the night before ATC Global 2011, EUROCONTROL received the Jane’s ATC Award for its “...
3 March 2011
Brussels, Belgium – The availability of EGNOS to aviation announced on 2 March by the European Commission, means that aircraft will soon be able to...
2 March 2011
Brussels, Belgium – In its latest Annual Safety Report on the year 2009, the Safety Regulation Commission (SRC) confirms that air traffic management...
16 February 2011
Brussels, Belgium – In 2010, aviation in Europe pulled out of the economic downturn and began to climb again. The total number of flights in Europe...
3 February 2011
Brussels, Belgium – In the year since it was signed, PENS – the Pan European Network Services initiative has achieved two major milestones.
26 January 2011
The press releases issued in 2008 are available in the zip file in pdf format. List of press releases
25 January 2011
Brussels, Belgium – The Republic of Latvia today became EUROCONTROL’s 39th Member State.