We make plans and write reports for the European air traffic management community, so helping them to finalise their strategies and plans and then take corrective action.

The Single European Sky needs concrete implementation plans for Europe as a whole and these have to be based on the European ATM Master Plan. Our Yearly Deliverables are clearly linked to those in the European ATM Master Plan.

Once a European plan has been agreed to, local and regional plans have to be drawn up. They will be used by air navigation service providers, regulatory authorities, the military, airports, airspace users, etc.

Individual stakeholders then compile their own implementation progress reports. These are later consolidated on a European level so that the aviation community can identify the gap between what is needed at the European level and what can actually be done at the local and regional level to close that gap.


•    coordinating the contributions to the annual ATM Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Plan;
•    facilitating the production of implementation progress reports (LSSIP documents) made by the national stakeholders;
•    producing consolidated reports on a European level, such as the ATM Master Plan (MP) Level 3 Implementation Report, the CAPEX report for PRB/EC, the ICAO GANP/ASBU monitoring report for ICAO Paris;
•    assisting decision-making by various steering bodies on any remedial action needed to implement the plans.

For further information, an awareness presentation about the ATM Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Planning and Reporting activity is available in the Related links section.

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