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19 January 2018
The Head of Network Operations Management (NOM) is a crucial function in the effective running of the European aviation network’s daily operations.
Network Operations is at the heart of the activities of the Network Manager. The main challenge of the Head of Network Operations Management is to bring different dimensions of the network together in a truly collaborative process. 
The Network Operations functions, although highly automated, are crucially dependent on a highly proactive collaboration between operational personnel (ANSP flow management functions, airline operations centres and their personnel, computer flight plan service providers, Network Manager flight planners, airspace and flow management staff) and the Network Manager. The Head of Network Operations Management will play a pivotal role in this dynamic collaboration.
“The Network Manager feels the heartbeat of the Single European Sky, planning for its smooth operation and reacting when parts of the network are in difficulty. It can do this in an impartial and transparent manner, working closely in the general interest with ANSPs, airports, civil and military airspace users across the airspace of 43 States,” says Mr Joe Sultana, Director Network Manager.
'Network operations' is a relatively new and rapidly developing field in air traffic management, following on from traditional flow management, which was initially run by the Central Flow Management Unit in EUROCONTROL (CFMU). Managing this development is a key challenge. How will the SESAR projects be implemented in operations? What value will they add? How can the people involved embrace these challenges? These are only some of the many facets of this job!

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