SESAR 2020 PJ19: A transversal activity that will provide a consolidated picture of the future European ATM system

1 March 2017

The EUROCONTROL-led Content Integration project (PJ19) has a key transversal role in the SESAR 2020 programme. It is designed to facilitate the integration of content developed by SESAR Solution and Enabling Projects and enables the assessment of the overall performance of SESAR operational and technical solutions against the performance ambitions set out in the ATM Master Plan.

On 1 February 2017 PJ19 brought together all SESAR 2020 industrial research projects (including the transversal ones) for the first time at working level at EUROCONTROL’s Brussels headquarters.

The objectives of this meeting were to launch the collaboration with all SESAR2020 Solution and Enabling projects; to clarify the role and responsibilities of the virtual Project Content Integration Team (PCIT) at project level; and to kick off the first content integration activities.

SESAR 2020 Content Integration project (PJ19) is in charge of this Content Integration activity, which follows a collaborative and iterative process involving all SESAR 2020 Solution and Enabling projects. PJ19 is also working in close collaboration with the Master Plan Maintenance (PJ20) and Requirement Management (PJ22) projects, and is one of eight SESAR 2020 projects led by EUROCONTROL. The work is broken down into six Work Packages coordinated by DFS, NATS, ENAIRE and EUROCONTROL.

In taking this approach, PJ19 is not starting from scratch. Rather, it uses content developed in SESAR 1: the SESAR Transition Concept of Operations (ConOps) and the SESAR 1 Operational deliverables (such as DOD, OSED, SPR and Interop) for operational consistency; the Architecture Description Document (ADD) and technical deliverables such as the Technical Specification (TS) and the Interface Requirement Specification (IRS)) for service and system consistency; and the SESAR1 Performance and Validation reports.

PJ19 also uses the architecture and performance frameworks, processes, methods and tools which will be further enhanced to suit SESAR 2020 programme needs. Most of the content is fully or partly integrated into the EATMA and available in the European-ATM Portal.

Overall, PJ19 plays its role in ensuring the ambitious SESAR 2020 programme succeeds in its aim of developing new technologies and operational procedures to support the implementation of the Single European Sky concept. Through SESAR 2020, EUROCONTROL brings to bear its technical expertise, knowledge and capabilities as an independent and neutral pan-European technical ATM organisation in order to support the interests of the European network as a whole, helping improve performance at the network level, ensuring interoperability at the European and worldwide level, and making European aviation more efficient and higher performing. This project has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under the Europen Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731765.

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