Rewarded for our efforts in global harmonisation and research in digital avionics

2 May 2017

"Our ongoing harmonisation dialogue is critical to the continued success of airspace modernisation and ensuring that future airspace users will be able to travel seamlessly across borders," declared James Eck, the FAA’s Assistant Administrator for NextGen, on opening the 17th Integrated Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (ICNS) Conference, held in Virginia, USA, from 18 to 20 April 2017.

EUROCONTROL and the US work closely together to ensure that systems on both sides of the Atlantic are interoperable.

As a mark of appreciation for our work in the global harmonisation domain and our ongoing contributions to research and technology development for digital avionics, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics’ (AIAA) Digital Avionics Technical Committee (DATC) gave us their Distinguished Institution Award for 2016.

The Award is given for outstanding achievements and valuable contributions to the success of the AAIA, the DATC and digital avionics through research, technology development and systems’ integration.

EUROCONTROL, together with the SESAR Joint Undertaking, coordinates Europe’s participation in the ICNS Conference plenaries. This year, we took part in both the plenary and technical sessions. Over 170 participants from the United States as well as from Europe, Japan and China attended the Conference.

We co-chaired and presented at the three conference plenary sessions, entitled 'Global Harmonisation', 'Satellites for CNS' and 'CNS for UAS Integration.'

We spoke on the European ATM Master Plan and the SESAR 2020 activities, providing an overview of European activities and developments for using satellites in the communications, navigation and surveillance domains. We gave the European perspective on the challenges facing RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft systems) and presented the recently completed RPAS CONOPS (concept of operations).

One of our papers at a technical session, dealing with the assessment of vertical flight profiles in the US and Europe, won a 'Best in Session' award. Together with a paper on the 'Comparison of ATFM Practices and Performance in the US and Europe', it was based on work done jointly with the FAA.