Regulatory framework creates three different categories based on operational parameters

2 March 2016

Published on the 10th of February 2016, the proposed regulatory framework creates three different operational categories based on operational parameters:

  • Open: operated without the involvement of an anviation authority. These would include aircraft flown only within the visual line of sight of the operator, at a defined maximum altitude below airspace used by manned aircraft and at specified distances from airports and sensitive zones. These vehicles would not be allowed to fly over crowds, and they would need to meet industry standards in the case of "toys".
  • Specific: need to undergo a specific operation risk assessment, which would identify all hazards to third parties on the ground or in the air. They would be governed by an operation authorization specific to their type, airworthiness and operational parameters.
  • Certified: this category involves larger unmanned aircraft with the same requirements as for manned aircraft. Operators of these vehicles would need to be certified and pilots licensed.

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