Putting airspace users at the heart of the ATM system

27 March 2017

One of the most important transformational changes which will need to be made if the performance targets of the Single European Sky (SES) are to be met is to reconfigure the air traffic management (ATM) system around the needs of aircraft operators, rather than service providers.

At the heart of this change is the SESAR (Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research) 2020 PJ07 (Optimised Airspace Users Operations) research project being led by EUROCONTROL.

PJ07 will bring together three strands of research which were started in SESAR 1: the user-driven prioritisation process (UDPP), trajectory management with more accurate and integrated flight planning tools at civil airline operations centres (AOC) and military wing operations centres’ (WOC) flight planning facilities.

In addition, PJ07 will define advanced trajectory negotiation processes in the pre-flight phase supported by new services. These new processes and services will allow airspace users and ATM actors to share dynamically an accurate picture of airspace users’ preferences as well as prevailing network constraints. Users will have access to optimised flight planning and flow management operations.

Read our Skyway article to learn more about SESAR 2020 PJ07 – one of the vital research programmes that will help build a more integrated ATM system.


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