Just Culture widens its scope

23 September 2016

For many years EUROCONTROL has promoted Just Culture in aviation – the concept that pilots and controllers should be encouraged to report incidents so that lessons can be learned before accidents occur. Central to this is that they should have confidence that they will not be disciplined or prosecuted unless there is gross negligence.

The Just Culture Task Force, which is made up of experts from many organisations across Europe, has now widened its scope to cover railways, as well as aviation.  

This was marked on Tuesday 13 September by a meeting of the Task Force which was held at the European Union Agency for Railways in Lille.

Kim Drews of the EUAfR commented "There is a real opportunity for both industries to learn from each other. We are both safety-critical parts of the transport sector with excellent safety records. But we need to be much more active in looking for problems before they turn into tragedies. Implementing a truly lived Safety Culture and a Just Culture across Europe is vital for this process".

Just Culture Task Force

The attendees of the Just Culture Task Force meeting on 13 September 2016.

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