EUROCONTROL’s Performance Review Commission releases its report on European Air Traffic Management performance in 2016

20 March 2017

The final draft of the 2016 Performance Review Report (PRR) has just been released for stakeholder consultation by the independent Performance Review Commission (PRC) of EUROCONTROL. The report provides an assessment of the performance of European air traffic management in 2016 in the key performance areas of safety, capacity, environment, and cost-efficiency.


In 2016, air traffic in the EUROCONTROL area continued to increase for the third year in a row reaching the pre-economic crisis level of 2008.

En-route air traffic flow management (ATFM) delays also increased for the third consecutive year confirming the PRC’s concern that delays could increase again if insufficient focus is being put on capacity planning and deployment. On average, 4.8% of the flights were affected by en-route ATFM delays (up from 3.9% in 2015) with an average delay of 18 minutes per delayed flight.

Despite visible local benefits from the continued implementation of free route airspace in EUROCONTROL Member States, overall en-route flight efficiency deteriorated slightly in 2016.


Stakeholders are invited to comment on the report to the PRU Support team no later than 7 April 2017. The draft Final PRR 2016 is available for download below:



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