Airport Operations Centres: the key to many network performance improvements

9 May 2017

The Airport Operations Centre (APOC) is one of the latest ways of integrating airports into the air traffic management (ATM) network while improving the efficiency of individual hub airport operations.

The APOC collects data from all operational stakeholders – inter alia airlines, ground handlers, baggage handlers, air traffic control. This operational data is gathered, shared and managed transparently and collectively, allowing airport operations staff to build a complete picture of the airport operation, so they can avert problems before they happen and manage airport performance in a collaborative way.

APOCs are a relatively new phenomenon, but they are full of potential; the rich seams of data they contain will be a vital resource in helping to reduce delays in Europe’s crowded aviation network.

Read the full Skyway article to find out more about the Airport Operations Centre and the opportunities promised by “big data” analysis techniques.


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