2016: another challenging year for MUAC

9 August 2017

As in the previous year, 2016 was marked by stronger than forecast air traffic growth across the airspace of the Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC). A total of 1,779,969 flights were controlled by MUAC controllers - a significant 4.6% increase compared with the previous year.

As a result of variations in national unit rates, MUAC experienced substantial changes to traffic patterns. Unprecedented adverse weather conditions also impacted operations. However, MUAC managed to mitigate these factors and minimise any deterioration in the quality of service for its customers.

A total of 95.9% of flights were handled without any delays, and only 0.6% of flights experienced delays of more than 15 minutes.

In 2016, flight efficiency programmes continued to deliver tangible benefits to airspace users. The provision of detailed free route airspace reports to aircraft operators resulted in savings of millions of euros. The allocation of direct routes resulted in a reduction in total flight distance of 7,616,000 NM, some 152,000 tonnes lower CO2 emissions and more than 45,000 tonnes of fuel savings.

MUAC’s overall performance remained strong and balanced in the areas of safety, financial cost-effectiveness and the environment. A strong customer focus, supported by a robust and transparent communication process, reinforced MUAC’s image among its stakeholder community, despite persistent challenges in the area of capacity.

Learn more about MUAC’s performance in the 2016 MUAC Annual Report.