Safety Forum 2017

6 - 7 June 2017


Preventing runway collisions can only be done effectively when we work together as an industry and have a joint understanding of how the different stakeholders interact. In the spirit of collaboration the 5th Annual Safety Forum, presented by the Flight Safety Foundation, EUROCONTROL and the European Regions Airline Association, will address this operational issue.

The event is organised by the Flight Safety Foundation European Advisory Committee and will take place at the EUROCONTROL Headquarters in Brussels.


This Safety Forum is aimed specifically at front line professionals and those who train and manage them. Attendance is free of charge to qualifying attendees, subject only to registration and to available capacity. Registrations, however, are now closed.

Call for Submissions

The Forum will consider industry best practice and functionality that can prevent runway incursions onto a runway that is already occupied or authorised for use; and further what can be done to prevent a collision after a runway incursion has taken place. In addition, the Forum will consider what this means for our understanding of runway collision risk. In particular we would like to hear from those who are willing to share their frontline operational experience (ie pilots, ATCOs and vehicle drivers) as well as those who are able to share the perspective of the local runway safety teams, investigators and trainers. Lessons learnt/best practice from implementing EAPPRI v2.0 would be very welcome as the Forum prepares for the release of EAPPRI v3.0.

The Organising Committee invites submissions to present as a Speaker or via a Poster. Speakers should expect to present for 20 minutes. Speakers' MS PowerPoint presentations will not need supporting Papers but, to enable the best possible Programme to be assembled, all submissions must:

  • Fully explain what the intended presentation will cover in between 400 and 500 words (speaker) or between 200 and 300 words (poster). Such an abstract should make the key messages of the intended presentation absolutely clear in an initial paragraph.
  • Include a bio of between 200 and 300 words.
  • If a prospective speaker, indicate whether they would wish their presentation to be considered for display as a poster if they are unsuccessful in the speaker selection process.

Note that submissions will be rejected if the Organising Committee considers that they are to be used as commercial advertising or as a business promotion effort.

The Closing Date for submissions is 27th January 2017. All Abstracts and Bios must be submitted to the 2017 Safety Forum Organising Committee as MS Word Documents attached to an email sent from the address you wish to use for correspondence. Receipt will be acknowledged.

The outcome of the selection process will be communicated on behalf of the Organising Committee by 17 February 2017. It will then be essential for all accepted presentations to be received well ahead of the Forum as they will form an essential part of the Committee's preparation for delegate participation (although they will not be pre-circulated to delegates). The date for this will be communicated when acceptance is notified.


EUROCONTROL Headquarters

Rue de la Fusée 96
1130 Brussels