Free Route Airspace (FRA) workshop - Exploiting operational and economic benefits for the ATM community

24 - 25 May 2018

The Network Manager is organising a workshop on Free Route Airspace (FRA) at EUROCONTROL's Headquarters in Brussels.

At the workshop, the NM Free Route Airspace team, with the help of our operational partners and peers (air navigation service providers, aircraft operators, flight plan service providers, military representatives), will review their experience with the current FRA implementation. They will also inform the ATM community on:

  • the operational and technical implementation status of FRA,
  • future network operational and technical evolutions,
  • detailed aspects related to airspace users and CFSPs systems status and evolution and
  • the detailed aspects of ANSPs FRA Implementation Projects over the next 18 months


The workshop will aim to:

  • ensure common awareness of the entire ATM community on the FRA implementation in Europe over the next two years,
  • enable harmonized implementation between all the ATM Partners and
  • exploit to the largest possible extent the operational and economic benefits that FRA is bringing to the ATM community.


We invite operations managers, performance managers, chief supervisors, flow management positions (FMPs), air traffic controllers (tower and ACC), aircraft operators, aviation regulators and representatives from aviation associations to join the FRA workshop. If you are interested, please register via our form above.


EUROCONTROL Headquarters

Rue de la Fusée 96
1130 Brussels