Workshop for Focal Points of Support-to-States Projects

18 October 2017

One of the roles of EUROCONTROL is to support its Member States, through technical cooperation at a national or regional level, in their efforts to enhance their capabilities and processes. In support of this role, EUROCONTROL's Support to States and Regional initiatives team (DPS/SSR), in collaboration with several secondees from States' Authorities, has developed specific material.

It is our aim to further improve, expand and prioritise our support material to better meet the needs of States Authorities. To that end, we have pleasure in inviting you to a workshop between EUROCONTROL and the State Authorities of its Member States on 18 October 2017 to discuss the material and how secondments can be used in its development. It will also provide a forum for States to give feedback to best meet their expectations, both now and in the future.


The aims of the workshop are to:

  • present our portfolio of activities, including current supporting material;
  • identify and prioritise new areas for the development of additional material;
  • identify ways of involving State Authorities in the development of this material, including through the EUROCONTROL secondment process;
  • improve user feedback during the development of the material.


The workshop is open to:

  • focal points of those State Authorities who have already established a Special Agreement with EUROCONTROL;
  • representatives from State Authorities who may be interested in benefitting from support activities in the future;
  • State Liaison Officers.


The EUROCONTROL Convention guarantees support to its Member States (Art. 2.2a). In particular, Measure No. 14/207 of the Permanent Commission’s Support-to-States Policy approved in 2014 authorises EUROCONTROL to conclude Special Agreements relating to the provision of support to its members.

In addition, EU Council Decision No. 2015/2394 establishes one of EUROCONTROL’s roles as support to its Member States, including NSAs.


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