13 March 2017
EUROCONTROL/NMD/STATFOR is the Statistics and Forecast Service of the EUROCONTROL Agency that provides to EUROCONTROL members and stakeholders:...
1 March 2017
This booklet provides information regarding the various charges levied by the EUROCONTROL Central Route Charges Office (CRCO) on behalf of its Member...
1 January 2017
If it is the first time that EUROCONTROL (Central Route Charges Office) is invoicing you for air navigation services, please kindly read this notice...
PDF icon Notice for new users for 201799.54 KB
15 December 2016
CEFA is a secured website which makes exchanging air navigation billing information between airspace users and the Central Route Charges Office (CRCO...
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2 December 2016
These figures are presented by the States' representatives at the enlarged Committee for Route Charges sessions in June (preliminary figures) and...
9 November 2016
The billing calendar shows the planned dates of bills, final dates for their payment and the corresponding dates by which claims are to be received...
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