1 October 2017
The leaflet provides information on what to be aware of and the right actions to take if you suspect that someone is trying to fraudulently request...
PDF icon CRCO fraud warning leaflet30.62 KB
1 June 2017
This document provides EUROCONTROL guidance to develop and to publish harmonised aeronautical information publications (AIPs) for military...
PDF icon EUROCONTROL guidance - June 2017364.38 KB
3 May 2017
With the early implementation of the revised Convention in 1997, EUROCONTROL formally became a civil-military organisation for the safety of air...
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1 October 2016
This document is a EUROCONTROL Specification for harmonized Rules for Operational Air Traffic (OAT) under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) inside...
1 September 2016
This Fligh Test Campaign (FTC) focuses on the following specifications: performance assessment on State aircraft operating in a PBN environment on...
1 September 2016
This document is about the Migration of military organisations as Data Providers and/or Data Users to the European AIS Database (EAD) will improve...