3 Units working closely together

System Upgrades and Architecture

SUA develops and maintains the core NM operational applications by implementing the business services required by the ATM Users, while ensuring system security, reliability, efficiency and non-obsolescence. It supports SESAR R&D activities and improves its applications by progressively integrating new technologies and SESAR-validated solutions.

Communication Networks and Systems

CNS provides cost-effective, reliable, performant and secure IT infrastructure (local and wide area networks, fixed and mobile voice, messaging gateways, servers, storage, back-up, security) and facilities (Electricity; Heating – Ventilation – Air Conditioning) services required to run the Network Manager’s business applications. It extends these services in a ‘Platform as a Service’ model to the rest of the Agency. CNS hosts NTS’s technical procurement office and the Pan European Network Service (PENS) Management Unit.

Technical Exploitation

TEX ensures 24/7 business continuity of the Network Manager’s operational services through 24/7 support. It organises tests and validates the Network Manager’s business applications and middleware, and oversees their smooth deployment and operation.